Dedicated To Producing The Brightest, Most Powerful Black Light Effects Possible…


Since its inception in 1989 in a garage in Venice, CA, Wildfire has been focused on creating innovative products designed to produce the brightest, most powerful UV effects possible.

We even created the FLAME™ Formula for generating the “Wildfire Effect.”

  • “F” is for “fixture.” Wildfire produces the most powerful, most durable, and most controllable black lights on the planet.
  • “L” is for “length”, or the distance between the fixture and the fluorescing material. The closer the fixture, the brighter the effect.
  • “A” is for “ambient lighting.” The darker the room, the more powerful the effect.
  • “M” is for “materials.” Wildfire produces creative materials such as paints and dyes which are super-saturated with UV sensitive pigment, making them the most powerful on the market.
  • “E” is for the kind of “effect” you choose to create. The signature black light effects include Visible Fluorescent Imagines, Invisible Images, Dual Images, Day-Night Transitions, and 3D Images. (See Gallery for examples of each.)

We’re not only on the cutting edge of UV fixtures and creative materials, but in UV printing, as well. Our Clearmeleon® UV Printing allows for the first time ever, completely invisible photorealistic images. It’s the first 4-color invisible printing process!

Wildfire is committed to continually pushing the envelope in developing affordable yet professional-quality solutions for creating spectacular black light visual effects.


“Since founding the company in 1989, our intention has been (and will always be) to supply the entertainment community with premium quality—yet affordable—black light products and services.
“And with the applications and demand for the “Wildfire Effect” growing and expanding daily, it also means staying on the cutting edge of black light technology.
“Whether it is introducing you to ground breaking technology, creative innovations, or just replacing a lamp, we are committed to being your most dependable partner—one that will last far into the future.”
Laurence Friedman / Chairman & Founder





“At Wildfire, our business is driven by our passion for creating the best black light effect possible, and one simple philosophy: our best customer is an informed customer.
“That’s why we remain committed to educating our customers through our website, online tutorials, and blog. This site represents the most comprehensive online resource for learning how to produce the famous “Wildfire Effect.”
“Whether it’s the science behind black light, a survey of black lighting technology, paint mixing secrets, or examples of recent applications, you’ll find a wealth of knowledge and resources on this website to help you create the most visually stimulating black light effect possible.
John Berardi / President - CEO