SableLux Lamps

SableLux—A Black Light Blue (BLB) Fluorescent Lamp With More UV Output Per Watt Than Any Other.

  • 45% more UV output per Watt than G.E.
  • 57% more than Phillips.
With figures like these, SableLux may well be the world’s most powerful BLB fluorescent lamp. In fact, it was designed for maximum long-wave UV output, with a spectral peak at 368nm—perfect for ultra-bright fluorescent black light effects.
SableLux is a T8 lamp, which means it has only a one-inch diameter. The smaller diameter means more UV output because the phosphor coating is closer to the plasma arc at the center of the tube. (This plasma arc excites the phosphor coating, causing it to emit black light.)
In a direct output comparison between a 32W T8 SableLux lamp and a 40W T12 by G.E. (what you’d normally find at the hardware store), SableLux is 15% more powerful at 368nm. It’s a whopping 25% more powerful than Phillips.
In a direct output comparison with a G.E. F40T12/BLB (a four-foot, 40W T12 black light bulb—what you’d normally find at the hardware store), the SableLux is 15% more powerful at 368nm. It’s a whopping 25% more powerful than Phillips!

Energy Efficiency

But the SableLux is also more energy-efficient. So not only do you get a heck of a lot more output…you’re using less power to get it! Check this out…
In a per-watt comparison, SableLux slaughtered the competition. You saw those results at the top of this page: 45% more UV output per Watt than G.E.; 57% more than Phillips.

Professional Grade Quality

In addition to greater output and efficiency, SableLux is designed to be a quality lamp. They can handle being over-driven by VHO electronic ballasts, such as those in our Effects Master VHO fixture.
Our VHO ballasts more than double a 32W T8 to over 70W of pure jaw-dropping power. (A typical 40W T12 will be overdriven to 80W...but with less output than the T8.)
If you’re using a fixture with a VHO ballast, you’ll definitely want to use SableLux lamps. Try overdriving those cheap Chinese alternatives and you’ll be replacing lamps left and right!
SableLux lamps are rated for 8000 hours. This means you’d expect to replace one out of every five lamps after 8000 hours of normal use. (The life span will be somewhat less if they’re overdriven with VHO ballasts…but you’ll get a heck of a lot more total output over the life of the lamp!)

Superior Quality At A Reasonable Price

At $25 for a four-foot 32W T8, these lamps are comparably priced. But in terms of quality, output, and efficiency, there is just no comparison. Here’s a summary of what sets SableLux lamps apart:
  • Handles VHO ballasts (unlike cheap Chinese brands.)
  • Long life (even in VHO fixtures!)
  • More long-wave UV output (making it a more powerful black light, which creates a brighter fluorescent effect.)
  • More energy efficient (in other words, more output per watt, which saves you money on your electric bill!)
Why spend more money to power lamps with less output? Switch to SableLux now, and see the difference in your power bill…and your fluorescent effect…right away!

Identifying Fluorescent Lamps

Fluorescent lamps are identified by a series of letters and numbers that look like this: F40T10. Here’s a breakdown of what this means:

F – Stands for “Fluorescent.”
40 – Refers to the wattage. In this case 40W.
T – Stands for “Tubular,” the shape of the lamp.
10 – Refers to the diameter in eighths of an inch. In this case, 1.25 inches.

So a F20T12 tells us it’s a 20W tubular fluorescent bulb with a diameter of 1.5 inches. Our SableLux lamps have the designation F32T8BLB. The “BLB” stands for “Black Light Blue,” which tells us it’s a black light lamp using a special blue glass called “Woods Glass.” (See “How Fluorescent Lamps Work” in the Tutorials section.) There are also other designations for different kinds of output, such as “R” for red light.
Available Models: F17T8BLB 17W model / F32T8BLB 32W model
Retail Price: $22.00 for the 17W model / $25.00 for the 32W model.
Three ways to order: