• VioStorm Series
    Introducing VioStorm™: UV-LED Black Light With The Power, Control, And Versatility Of A Long Throw.
  • Effects Master LED
    Even Greater UV output than older fluorescent models, at a fraction of the energy and maintenance costs.
  • Effects Master VHO
    Effects Master VHO Series: 4' 4 lamp fixture. The World’s Most Powerful Fluorescent black light fixture.
  • Effects Master Energy
    Maximum energy efficiency to output ratio at a surprisingly affordable price. The Energy series is the “green” black light.
  • UltraBlade Series
    Unique linkable black light system that combines Wildfire’s SableLED® 365nm LED lamp in a series of slim profile fixtures.
  • UltraRail Series
    A complete linkable black light system that is perfect for cove and soffit lighting, merchandising displays and so much more.
  • BlueBar Series
    Introducing the BlueBar Series: Premium quality UV LEDs, which produce more UV output, and resulting in a much brighter effect.