Economy Series

A High-Quality Economy Fluorescent Black Light Fixture At A Price Comparable To What You’ll Find In The Hardware Store

Like all Wildfire products, this economy fluorescent black light is designed to give you the best possible quality for its price. At a price point comparable to other consumer-grade fluorescents you’ll find in the hardware store, this little fixture sports the following unique features…
  • Unlike cheaply-made alternatives, this fixture uses an electronic ballast for quiet, flicker-free operation.
  • The rolled steel housing is much more durable than plastic, and comes in an attractive flat black powder coat finish.
  • It also features a shiny aluminum reflector, which boosts the overall output.
  • It has 2 different mounting configurations using keyhole mounting points.
  • Includes an on/off power switch behind the fixture.

Available In 3 Different Sizes:

  • 15W, 19" model
  • 20W, 24" model
  • 40W, 48" model
This fixture produces a peak output of 365nm, which means it is capable of lighting up invisible fluorescent materials, such as our Invisible Luminescent Paints and Invisible Clear Top Coats.
For an even brighter effect, the 24" and 48" models can accept our SableLux Lamps, which improve the quality and level of output.
Retail Price: $15.99 for the 15W model / $24.99 for the 20W model / $39.99 for the 40W model


Three ways to order: