Effects Master SableLED

Introducing The Effects Master LED Series: Even GREATER UV output than older fluorescent models, at a fraction of the energy and maintenance costs.

There are four big reasons to invest in the new Effects Master LED series.
Besides having the same durable, industrial-grade housing of the previous Effects Masters, the LED Series boasts much greater UV output… better quality UV output… more energy efficiency… and lower maintenance costs.
Let’s take a look…

Reason #1: Much Greater UV Output

With the Effects Master Series, Wildfire has always produced the best quality fluorescent fixtures with much higher output than anything else on the market. But the new LED Series blows even those fixtures away. (Forget about other manufacturers’ products. There is just no comparison.)
The Effects Master LED Series 2-lamp model produces 42.5% greater output than the fluorescent Energy Series 2-lamp model.
The 4-lamp Effects Master LED Series produces 36% more UV output than the 4-lamp fluorescent VHO Series. (This is quite a coup, since the VHO ballast overdrives the fluorescent lamps to double their normal wattage!)
In short, these UV-LEDs are powerful!

Reason #2: Much Better Quality UV Output

SableLED™ lamps peak at 365nm (the ideal wavelength for black light) and have very little visible light.
Even the best fluorescent lamps (like our SableLUX® BLB lamps) have a little bit of visible purple light mixed in with the UV black light.
The 365nm UV-LEDs used in SableLED lamps have much less visible light so you get almost pure invisible UV light. This produces a much brighter, more stunning UV effect.

Reason #3: Much Greater Energy Efficiency

With everything that has been said and written about LEDs, does this really need an explanation? Output per watt from LEDs is a fraction of what it is using other technologies, including fluorescent. This is especially so with VHO ballasts which overdrive fluorescent lamps to double their normal wattage to get more output.
We’ve done the math… and on a Watt-per-Watt comparison, the LED Series 4-lamp model produces 380% more UV output per watt than the fluorescent 4-lamp VHO Series. That’s almost 4 times the energy efficiency!
Even comparing with the 2-lamp fluorescent Energy Series (designed to be energy efficient, at the cost of some output), the LED Series 2-lamp model produces 257% more UV output. More than 2 and a half times the energy efficiency.
That translates into much lower energy costs, lowering the total cost of owning and operating the fixture… all while getting more and better quality output.
And that’s not even the end of the story…

Reason #4: Much Lower Maintenance Costs

Wildfire SableLED™ lamps are tough and don’t break easily; they last around 5 times longer than fluorescents; and they are self-ballasted, reducing points of failure.
  • Our SableLED™ UV LED lamps last much longer (on the order of 5 times longer) than typical BLB fluorescents—especially those in VHO fixtures…
  • They run cooler, reducing the strain on other components…
  • They are self-ballasted, which means there is no separate point of failure in the fixture. (There will never be a need to take down a fixture, open it up, replace the ballast, re-install the fixture, and all that hassle. Just replace the lamp. Simple as that.)
  • They are also tough and durable. SableLED™ lamps are actually hard to break! (Not so with fragile fluorescent lamps, which often shatter at the slightest impact, and break before they are even installed.)
All that means you’ll spend less time and money maintaining your Effects Master LED Series fixture. For commercial applications with many fixtures, that can amount to serious savings over the long haul.

Other Great Reasons…

There are actually many more reasons to invest in the Effects Master LED series. Like the fact that it is environmentally friendly, and has no mercury or other hazardous substances common to fluorescent lamps. (More details on the SableLED™ page.)
And the fact it comes with all the standard Effects Master features, as outlined below…

Professional-Grade Design Built for Commercial and Industrial Use

The Effects Master Series is designed to withstand the most rugged and demanding commercial uses. Take a look…
  • The housing is made of heavy-gage pressed steel, which offers superior strength and durability. In addition to being strong, it’s quite attractive with its flat black powder coat finish. All stainless steel hardware also helps ensure durability.
  • German-engineered, positive-locking sockets keep the tubes firmly in place. No vibration or jarring will dislodge the lamps.
  • The Everbrite aluminum reflector reflects 98% of UV-A light, which helps maximize output. The angled design offers more reflective surface area, and generates a wide beam angle of 165º to flood an entire area.
  • SableLED™ lamps are tough and durable and do not break easily. They last 5 times longer than fluorescents. And they are self-ballasted, eliminating the need to ever replace a failing ballast.
  • Adjustable mounting brackets come standard, enabling multiple mounting options. These brackets are drilled to accept a wide variety of mounting options, including C-clamps, All Thread Rod and Unistrut for maximum versatility.

Optional Accessories

  • Floor Stand
  • Twenty Clamp
  • T-Bar Ceiling Mounts

Unprecedented THREE-YEAR Warranty

We’re so confident in the quality and durability of our fixtures, we warranty them against defects in materials or workmanship for up to THREE YEARS.
Available Models: 2' two lamp model, 4' two lamp model, and 4' four lamp model
Retail Price: $499 for the 4’ two lamp model / $999 for the 4’ four lamp model.


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