Introducing ClearMeleon™ UV Invisible Printing

Recent Breakthrough Allows Completely Invisible Photorealistic Images For The First Time Ever
Up until recently, invisible photo-realistic UV printing was impossible. That's because only certain invisible colors were available.
Now, that's all changed.
Due to recent developments in the printing industry, true invisible cyan, magenta and yellow now exist, making 4-color printing possible. That means ANY photograph or piece of digital artwork with ANY color configuration can now be printed as an invisible image that glows under black light.
We call it ClearMeleon™ printing. The inks dry clear, and it can be any image or color imaginable. Kind of like a chameleon… ClearMeleon™.

Invisible Images, Dual Images, Day-Night Transitions, and 3-D Effects in 100% Photo-Realistic Clarity Are Now Possible

Any signature “Wildfire Effect” can be created: invisible images, dual images, day-night transitions, or 3-D effects, all as crisp as a high-resolution photo.
It's also very durable: the fluorescent effect lasts up to 10 years, depending on the lighting conditions. Outdoors, it can last up to 2 years!
The invisible image is printed as a separate layer that dries clear over top the visible image.
Since the printing surface has to be carefully chosen to insure it has no UV reactivity whatsoever (so not to ruin the effect), there are a limited number of materials available to print on. We expect the options to increase over time. Currently, we can print on…
• Evolon – a microfiber textile using a unique microfilament manufacturing process
• Polyester Textile (Flame Resistant)
• Polyester Metallic Foil
• Canvas
Widths up to 44 inches can be accommodated, and several panels can be placed side-by-side (or one above the other) to create a composite image as large as you like.

A Great Effect for Cutting-Edge Thinkers and Creatives

Advertising and promotional displays are only the start of the possible applications. We can only imagine what a designer could do in a commercial or home environment. The possibilities and applications are only as limited as the imagination.
If you have an idea for something cool and would like to know our ClearMeleon™ Printing pricing, give us a call at 1-800-937-8065.