• UV Invisible Images
    Fluorescent images that appear only under the black light. A textured wall suddenly reveals its true secrets under the black light!

  • UV Dual Images
    Images that appear one way under normal light, but differently under black light. A pastel art becomes a bustling cityscape!

  • UV Day/Night Transitions
    A type of dual image which features a day scene under normal light and a night scene under black light. A sailing vessel becomes a sinister pirate "ghost" ship!
  • UV 3-Dimensional
    Images appear 3-D when wearing 3-D glasses. Lighter colors appear in the foreground, and darker colors in the background. A cosmic scene with incredible depth!
  • UV Visible Images
    Brightly colored fluorescent images which also fluoresce (glow) under the black light. The Black light reveals the added depth and vibrance to a visible image.