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UltraRail Fluorescent Series

  • Featuring T5 fluorescent BLB lamps, a slim low profile design, very low energy consumption, built-in electronic ballasts and snap-in mounting brackets for quick and easy installation, making this linkable black lighting system the perfect choice for cove and soffit lighting, shelf lighting, merchandising displays, trade show exhibits and more.

Effects Master Energy Series

  • Featuring high efficiency universal voltage electronic ballasting and polished Everbrite reflectors for maximum output and greater energy efficiency. Perfect for those installations that require a larger number of fixtures per curcuit, or applications where you don't need the output of the Standard or Deluxe Effects Master models but still want a great effect.

TracFx Fluorescent Series

  • Compact fluorescent track mountable black lighting from that is the ideal choice for wall wash applications, lighting UV artwork and more.

VioStorm LED Series

  • The VioStorm UV LED Seriesfrom Wildfire combines true 365nm Long Throw performance, with the control and efficiency of LED's. Featuring Wildfire’s new and intuitive Trias DMX/RDM Control System and versatile interchangeable optics VioStorm UV lighting is just the right combination of power performance and control for a perfect black light storm.

Effects Master VHO Series

  • The Effects Master VHO from Wildfire is the most powerful fluorescent black light on the market, featuring proprietary high output electronic ballasting and polished Everbrite reflectors, this 4 lamp powerhouse produces up to an incredible 2,280 µW/cm2 of true 365nm black light. Made in the USA

Long-Throw 150 Series 3

  • The LT-150 Series 3 provides legendary Wildfire performance in an affordable compact size. Measuring just 1’ long and producing up to 5,210 uW/cm2 of true 365nm black light, The LT-150 offers more output and versatility than any other UV lighting fixture in its class! Standard features include, energy efficient, universal voltage electronic ballasting and a unique interchangeable reflector system that enables reflector changes without removing the lamp from the fixture. Made in the USA

BlueBar LED Series

  • The BlueBar UV LED Lighting Series from Wildfire features 3W 390nm UV LED's, universal voltage (120-277V/50-60Hz) input and polished Everbrite reflectors for improved versatility and performance. Like other 385-400nm LED black lighting products, BlueBar UV LED lighting is designed to work with visible fluorescent materials only. CE Listed.

Black Light Flashlights

  • For the casual hobbyist or seasoned professional. These black light flashlights represent the best of their class.

Economy Fluorescent Series

  • Economy Flourescent Black Light Fixtures from Wildfire feature a metal housings, two position mounting and power switchs.

Effects Master LED Series

  • The Effects Master LED Series from Wildfire combines Wildfire’s powerful new SableLED® 365nm black light LED lamp technology with the affordable Effects Master fixture line.

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